Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning or Melukat is a spiritual cleansing of the mind and soul in humans. This ceremony is carried on from generation to generation by Hindus until now. Spiritual purification means to eliminate the unclean influence within. This tradition is carried out in temples or other sacred sites. Melukat comes from the word sulukat which is su which means good and lukat which means purification. Melukat Ceremony is led by a stakeholder. Offerings such as prascita and shadows are prepared by being given spells. The person who will be celebrated will be spelled out in advance by the stakeholders. After the spell process is completed, the person to be celebrated is doused with ivory water. After bathing in ivory coconut water, the ritual continues with baths in lakes, rivers, the sea or baths believed to bring blessings. This ceremony is carried out during the full moon, tilem, Kajeng Kliwon. Melukat Ceremonies are often carried out in groups, for example by schools, offices, the government, or the local community. These ceremonies are held at historical sites, temples, bathing places, and seas in Bali.


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Self Cleaning at Taman Beji

Video of the process of doing the painting at the Taman Beji Samuan

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